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For years I've not worried about my weight, and to be honest with you Meratol Review I never needed to. Well, that is until about 2 years ago. All of a sudden my job changed and I went from being an active kitchen fitter to a lazy driver. Not only was I not as active in my job but I started to eat Junk food that I just which I didn't have time to eat before.

This is where the weight started to pile on, it wasn't an over night but I think that's why it took me until about 6 months ago to do something about it. I started to feel ill and unattractive and my self esteem had hit rock bottom. I looked in the mirror and decided there and then that it was time to make a change. First of all there is a common myth that eating more makes you gain weight and this is true if you do it incorrectly with the wrong types of food.

If you can eat five small meals a day this will increase your metabolism and help burn fat quicker. You also need to eat foods that are high in complex carbohydrates (do a Google search). Complex carbohydrates are foods that take longer to digest which helps you in two ways. Firstly you feel fuller for longer, secondly it takes longer for your body to process the food. This means your body isn't hit with a huge amount of calories that stores them with fat because it is excess to requirements.


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